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Cheese, w’are you?

This is Ellie. Ellie is my 21-month-old daughter. I’ve mentioned her a couple times in previous posts. Her favorite things are Kipper the dog, cheese, and “beeg paaks” (big parks). She’s also quite fond of bunnies.

Tonight we went to Chick-Fil-A in the mall and tried to disguise the chicken under the bun to get her to eat it. She wasn’t having it. “Cheese?” she asked. “No, we’re having chicken sandwich.” “NO.” We did end up geting a little bit of chicken down her with the bun. But just as she was taking the last bite, she gave a big, mournful sigh and said, “chee-ese, w’awe you?”

Now that’s just gotta go in a book, don’t you think?

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