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Getting Deliberate about Distractions

Quality writing and living requires being deliberate, even if our best-laid plans so often go awry.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

Process Over Progress: On Outsmarting Self-Sabotage

“Here’s the thing: whatever your schedule, stuff is going to happen. People will make demands on your time, your equipment is going to fail, and your family and friends need you. The world is not going to roll over and make it easy for you to get your writing done. In fact, many people might try (either consciously or unconsciously)
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Why Simple Is Best

The 14th c. theologian William of Ockham is known for his statement, “the simplest solution is almost always the best.” This is the familiar thought I’ve come to after writing a bit this morning. If I want to finally finish, I’ve got to apply it. And I’ve long been convinced that the pursuit of writing has profound lessons to teach
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About This Word “Bearing”

Bear·ing [ˈberiNG] NOUN – 1. a person’s composure, based on assumptions about his or her character and heritage. (synonyms: posture · comportment · carriage) 2. the level to which something can be tolerated. (synonym: endurance) Two different types of bearing. But, I think, intimately related. Our lives are affected by our families in ways we don’t even realize, for good
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Charlotte heads off to eighth grade today and Ellie enjoys her last week of driver’s ed before starting her junior year next week. I’d like to say it’s an impossibly challenging season for writing, and maybe it is. The new job barely a year old, and moving the family out to Grand Rapids, the many responsibilities of this stage. Writing
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