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What Karen Kingsbury thinks readers are looking for

"You’re looking a lot of times for escape. That’s I think why Christian fiction initially wasn’t viewed as something valid to the Christian walk, because it was more of an escape. But when you can come into a story, the walls of your heart are down. We can use more storytelling, I think, on our journey to understanding faith."

Interview with Andrew Klavan

"But here’s the funny part. Becoming a Christian actually made me less likely to use Christian symbolism and structures in my work because now I see Christ’s presence underlying all of life—I don’t have to place Him there artistically. Baptism made me more of a realist, more willing to let each character go his own way and tell his own
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Interview with Jim Rubart

In the first of what’s likely to be many of his author interviews to come, I recently asked Jim Rubart of Woodinville, WA what he thought of the apparent caution evidenced on the back shelves at Barnes and Noble on any given Sunday. Jim, thanks for being here in the computer with me. Jim: Peer pressure is supposed to go
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Guest blogger: Jim Rubart

Recently, a friend of mine, Jim Rubart, sent me a short piece he’d written. I liked it so much, I asked if I could borrow it to share with the Group. He agreed, so I’m pleased to present this nugget of inspiration for your edification today… “Throw Caution To the Wind? Not Good Enough. We Must Crush It” by Jim
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Interview with Mary DeMuth

Tonight we have author Mary DeMuth, fresh from her wild and wooly blog tour, stopping in to answer some of our questions. She’s just started the real work of marketing Wishing on Dandelions. Most of you know her her already, and the inroads she’s making for the cause of relevance and truth in CBA, so I decided to ask her
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