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Bored Game

Okay. Kingsbury may write 8 novels a year, but Joel’s got a game.

…can someone make sure we didn’t miss the rapture?

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  1. relevantgirl says:

    I thought this must’ve been a spoof, but it doesn’t appear to be. Wow.

  2. 50 points for the missing-the-rapture question.

  3. Here I’ve been posting a link on my Website that tells people what Star Trek character they are. Then you post a link to Joel Osteen’s new game. You win, Mick. :)

  4. Rebecca G. says:

    Oy. This is frightening.

  5. I just want to know when “Your Best Life Now: The Musical” hits Broadway.
    “One…bestselling sensation
    Seven little steps he takes.
    One…path to your potential
    Look at all the money he makes…”

  6. Jules Quincy Stephens says:

    Damn … my aunt is 100 years old. Oh well.

  7. someone let me know when the action figures come out – or the Sims’ Best Life Now for PC…I’ll be sure to pre-order.

  8. Tina H says:

    I’m so glad you’re spreading the word about this game. I think it’s amazing. Immediately after playing it for the first time, I totally received my best life NOW! My house is perpetually clean, I don’t have to change any more diapers and my husband made millions of dollars and is going to retire so we can travel around the world. I’m glad to know others will be able to receive their best lives now too…if they win the game, that is.

  9. Jen Mc. says:

    Okay, okay…down with the prosperity gospel. But everyone be NICE and KIND if your non-believing friends or family get you this game for Christmas! God can be mocked through many venues, also glorified. Someone out there will probably benefit- why assume He’ll waste the opportunity?
    We should take every opportunity- from The Secret to the AIDS crisis to VA Tech to neighborhood prostitution stings to global warming to “rich & famous” Christianity- to share the hope and love of our Beautiful, Awesome Savior. The world is seriously lacking. So tired of anti-heroes. The stuff that’s not so solid, we can still use it. Fodder for discussions, for interesting dialogue and questions, a roadmap to Christ, the Word, something substantial.
    Let’s be creative, try to use it all- we are the feet.

  10. it’s true – He uses it all (thankfully)
    ever the voice of reason, jen…thanks for the reminder…
    next time I’ll actually listen to that little anti-sarcasm voice that keeps whispering to my spirit…at this point my butt is permanently disfigured from kicking myself so much~

  11. Suzan says:

    Osteen preaches half-truths. Half-truths are untruths. God can use anything of course, but truth is truth and Joel comes up short.

  12. Yes, He uses it all. And yet…shouldn’t we be concerned if the prosperity gospel is doing more harm than good? Of course sarcasm and poking fun at Joel’s game does little to change any of this. (Sarcasm is an easy, yet weightless response born out of frustration, but probably also out of truth.) And you’re right that we can be more creative in using what is presented to this world as a roadmap to Christ.
    I’m trying to think of a more creative approach to this than sarcasm. Hmm…does turning over tables in the Temple courtyard count as “being creative”?

  13. Jen Mc. says:

    So maybe the tables get turned in an executive office somewhere, in churches selling the thing. But down on the secular carpet, dice thrown around and timers running, folks interacting because somebody saw the game and thought of us, what do we do?
    What a great opportunity, right? I’ve stabbed at lesser things in coffee shop conversations. Judgment kills opportunities quickly, and I wonder if maybe we’re running out of time.

  14. Yes, a great opportunity. And I think this is maybe what I was trying to say. That we ought not stop turning tables in executive offices…and yet still do as you mentioned earlier: take advantage of all opportunities to engage in those conversations.
    My most recent conversations have been prompted by: puzzlement at a local Christian organization’s cult-like behavior; the movie Little Children; and a song by Snow Patrol. If Joel’s game sparks more conversation, I pray God will use it for His glory.
    Sorry if I came across as judgmental. It’s Monday. I think there’s extra grace on Monday, though. Right?

  15. Jen Mc. says:

    Steve, you did not at all come across as judgmental and I love your most recent examples. These are great points.
    Now seriously, how do we break into this books-to-games business?

  16. Well, let me see…I wonder if Marilynne Robinson would allow us to license Gilead for a board game? Anyone for Peace Like a River, the videogame? We could just borrow that old Duck Hunt game from Nintendo for one of the “mini-games.”
    Or maybe that’s too predictable. Perhaps we should reverse the idea – write books based on games? Can we tell the Gospel story in Scrabble: The Book? I mean…there are plenty of tiles to work with. If the CBA can convert Peter Rabbit and make a video series about Beatrix Potter’s fuzzy friend, then certainly we can redeem Scrabble.
    Just a thought.

  17. Forget board games. I think it would make a fabulous Broadway musical.

  18. I understand about the need to refrain from becoming judgmental, but isn’t there a time to call sin, sin? Isn’t there a time to say false teaching is false?
    Yes, God can use it all, but what is OUR response to be?
    I guess I’m really asking, should I take down my blog post from today? :-P

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