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Blazing on

Only a few more posts left before the holidays here, so I thought we should get busy on some real controversial stuff like why the faceless mass of CBA readers don’t really care about good writing or something like that.

Oh, but that’s not very festive. And I’m done being cheeky this year having used up all my credits to get the job at WaterBrook. So maybe I’ll just say Christian publishing continues to challenge us toward new heights, push us to greater depth, and stretch us across ever widening balancing acts over shark-infested waters. Deduce from that what you will.

Anyone have a thought to share? I’m kind of running on empty after sales conference and the Christmas parties, decorating, travel plans, and whatever else I’m too tired to write down. All this and my hyperactive toddler has the gall to make me feel lazy. Ingrate. She’s getting a big stocking full of coal.

What fresh, interesting things would you like to hear in the New Year? Any thoughts or questions burning inside you you’ve just been waiting, hoping I’d get to eventually but been too timid to ask? I’ll keep the shop open here for the time being with hopes to regroup soon as everyone’s back in the swing and playing January catch-up. But until then group, help me brainstorm a bit. We’ll definitely have a few more interviews, probably some more questionably helpful commentary from yours truly, but how about something else?

I’m looking forward to all the fun to come, blazing ahead into some new areas.

5 Responses to “Blazing on”

  1. William G. says:

    Just wanted to say, I’m glad the site’s back up.

  2. Rachel Hauck says:

    Merry Christmas, Mick. Rachel Hauck

  3. Susan Meissner says:

    Dear jolly old St. Mickolaus:
    I’ve loved every dialogue you’ve led us on this year, but if you really want some feedback as to what we, your bloglings want to chat about, I sumbit my idea: I’d like to explore ways we Christian worldview writers can become responders instead of reactors, how to take a less defensive role and a more delberate, active role in proclaiming truth. I want to know how to write to people (and for people) outside the pews in ways that still encourage and edify the body but draws the seeker, the doubter, the unconvinced. I want to find ways to not step outside the box so much as to make the box such a wondrous thing, the ABA readers on the outside want to step in.
    Tall order, I am sure, but it’s what I want for Christmas. Thanks for asking.
    Blessings to you and your lovely family. I am falling in love with your Ellie.
    Susan :)

  4. I don’t know if the mass of CBA writers don’t care about good writing, as much as they do care that the writing is of Christian quality.
    As a writer, I find that ‘edgier’ material gets more scrutiny than ‘safe’ material. Therefore some people that write really well, get passed over for CBA standards.
    But I myself don’t know where that line should be drawn. It’s a balancing act that I don’t want to have to walk!

  5. siouxsiepoet says:

    post something mick! you’re forcing me to have to go through your archives and find something to read.
    i blogged on suicide in christian art. i’m being told it is a no way jose situation. but i don’t agree. talk about it, eh?
    plus there are lots of inappropriate topics i’ll spare you. i’ll try my hand at them and see how badly they fare and get over it. :D

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