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Sharing is nice

The reason it’s good blogs exist–besides all the great reasons we came up with yesterday–is that they provide an outlet for some of the less fortunate thoughts to be expressed. You know how you go through your day and don’t really keep track of the little things that pass through, the internal dialogue you never take time to give utterance to: your coworker’s strange habits, the unusual website you went to, the idea for a better particle accelerator you just didn’t stop to jot down. It’s all fodder for your blog! Nothing is wasted when you can blog it!

But the thing that came to me overnight wasn’t something I haven’t been thinking about for some time now. It’s just that as I was mulling it over again, it seemed to all coalesce into something of a “grand scheme.” And when that happens, I try to pay attention because it’s not often I get such validation of the evil genius my wife thinks I am.

The idea is this: “My Writers Group” is mine for now because it’s beginning as a group of one. Eventually, the idea is to increase that possessive “My” to include “Everyone” and then everyone who comes to “My Writers Group” will have a piece of it and a say in what goes on here. That’s my hope, anyway. It isn’t my intention to come here day after day and write something just to get it off my chest. I would hope all of us had a bigger purpose than that. We may be writers, but we live in community as well and we need constant support and feedback, maybe more so than others with “normal” jobs. We’re particularly prone to burnout and dissatisfaction and worry and all the other things that come along with the self-focused writerly personality. Without others around, we make rash, foolish judgments and lose track of reality rather quickly.

So when I say I hope to hear from you soon, I really mean, I hope you feel free to accept the “My” in that title as your invitation to join in the fray and add your lines. Writing can be a lonely, solitary experience. Writers groups are about coming together for recharge and renewal.

So have a search around and post some thoughts. We’re glad you’re here.

Sharing is nice

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