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“Art is a reflection…”

…of God’s creativity." –Francis Schaeffer

John Fischer writes a wonderful remembrance of Francis Schaeffer and his heart for our audience:

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  1. “It is much more Christ-like to identify with those we don’t understand—to discover why people do what they do, because we care about them, even if they are our ideological enemies.”
    How can we possibly understand what we won’t even look at – what we deem socially or morally unclean, blasphemous, or unacceptable?
    How is anything but the truth of the reality of our culture going to influence our culture?
    Paul wasn’t afraid to speak to people right where they were at – using language, terminology and metaphors that the people understood based on their experience of the time into which they were born.
    To seek to do any less seems ludicrous – who would listen? It is the sick who need the doctor.
    The spiritually fat and happy don’t frequent the art galleries.

  2. “Perhaps a good beginning would be to more fully grasp the depravity of our own souls and the depth to which God’s grace had to go to reach us. I doubt we can cry over the world if we’ve never cried over ourselves.”

  3. Jim Rubart says:

    A couple times a year we hang out with my wife’s cousin who is gay, and his partner.
    They’re not sure what to do with us. We’re anything but shy in talking about Jesus and yet we don’t hammer on them like most Christians they’ve encountered.
    I was going to judge them, but I was too busy taking planks out of my eye. :)

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