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Are You Elmer’s, Epoxy or Paste?

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Not all glues are created equal. The beauty of Elmer’s glue is that it creates a strong, semi-flexible bond.


I rarely use it anymore and I hardly remember what I used it for all those years it sat in my desk next to the pencils and erasers and crayons.

But what comes to mind now is that love is like the glue that binds everyone and everything, the invisible binder that connects all things. And some people like epoxy while others like paste.

From a Christian-based business website, I read: “‘Love’ is a very important addition to our philosophy. Having a positive attitude and sharing that attitude with others…”

Now I’m of the “melancholy” persuasion on the personality scale and I initially have a hard time accepting this definition of the bonding agent “love.” It’s far more than having and sharing a positive attitude. In fact, because this superficial definition seems so prevalent, I’ve lived a long time trying to let go of my idea of stronger love and whether I should change myself to appreciate paste like those who can connect to almost anyone through positivity, i.e. a “sanguine” personality.

Why is it so difficult to give up my idea of epoxy for those who are excited about paste? Why does their desire for many bonds seem so less desirable than stronger connection with few?

Does everything have to be deep?


Here’s where I think it comes down: do I think the little things in life matter?

Some people might think I’m naturally deep, but I’m not. I just enjoy seeking meaning and making soulful connections. And I haven’t enjoyed making many connections primarily because it’s difficult.

Can I connect over the little things in life? Can I enjoy life with people and accept and be influenced by them? I don’t need a deeper bond with everyone, do I? I’ll still have it with many people, but the question is, could I enjoy more people if I was okay connecting on a superficial level?

Could this make my “glue” more flexible? Even something as simple as sharing the same air with someone could be profound. It’s miraculous to share that and enjoy life with others around me. Everything else is icing, isn’t it?

Exchanging my epoxy with something more flexible, a more “positive” mindset, could make me happier and more loving, able to bond over what really matters in life: relationships.

Is your glue flexible enough?


5 Responses to “Are You Elmer’s, Epoxy or Paste?”

  1. jrmclarty says:

    Ah, I can relate! I prefer the deeper, more meaningful connections as well! But what a good reminder that not everyone does and that we would be good to be more flexible! Thanks! (Visiting from FMF!)

  2. Cathy West says:

    Very cool concept Lisa Jo has going here. Will have to check it out when I’ve got the time. Glue. Interesting.
    Sometimes we skimp and buy the cheap stuff. Because it’s easier, maybe even on special so we think we’re getting more for less, doesn’t cost us near as much as that Superglue stuff. But guess what. That cheap stuff? It doesn’t stick.

  3. Lisa Moles says:

    I am an instant bonder from way back. Raised to believe in the inherent good of all people and that everyone is somehow family. Maybe it’s an only-child thing…searching for brothers and sisters with my flexible glue approach. Enjoyed your take on glue and personality scale description…I myself am a classic glass-half-full girl. Stopping by from FMF, glad I did!

  4. BoniLady says:

    Enjoyed your post!

    Dropping by from FMF- hope your weekend is great!

  5. suzee says:

    hi OB
    i like this. you know my glue, boo boo!
    m in hawaii. how weird and wonderful

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