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Approximating Intelligence, Slacker Style

"It seems that literary devices are changing back to a style which we see employed in many books of the Bible, including the books of Moses and Song of Songs. If any group of people should understand these devices, it should be Christians. And yet we defend a post-enlightenment, western, black-and-white, grid division of literature as the only method of communicating truths. And, in so doing, in my opinion, we look like idiots who can only think in categories, as though reality were simple enough to dissect into a few parts."


Amen, cranky brother Don! Pass me some of that punch. Let’s get the lead out of this bandwagon.

Here’s a nice opportunity to plug the Burnside blog which is worth reading if you’re missing out. My own posts will be trickling in for a while as I’m trying to get into my writing groove these days and it’s getting a bit thick in my cranial depository. And coming March 16th, it’s going to get extra cob-webby around here with baby Charlotte’s arrival. I’ll post as regular as I can, though since I know you’ve got important procrastination time to accomplish too. 

At any rate, Don’s made an excellent couple-few points about the Frey fry here and our national pastime playing guilt-mongering hypocrites in our own mental melodramas (okay, my own embellishment there). If you’re jonesin’ for some straight-up, no-nonsense smack-talkin’, I’d recommend stopping by the Northwest corner up there. But it’s been a while since I had anything so satirical and timely to post to the Christian Writing Revolution category, so thanks to Don Miller, and Kathy Helmers for the mention. I won’t comment on the correlation until some of you get a chance to, but there’s really no need if you just go exhume any of my angst-y posts under this heading in the sidebar…

Congratulations, by the way, to the Burnsiders and all Oregonians for once again being behind Washington in total agricultural revenue brought in by marijuana last year! Portland may still be the porn capitol of the US, but at least Seattle’s got the potheads.

In the meanwhiles, be sure to check out this article in Books and Culture:

http://www.christianitytoday.com/bc/2006/002/1.7.html  -We’re catching on: Counterculture is a good thing!

…and a couple other good sites to keep your brains busy:



http://purgatorio1.com/?p=199 (thanks Lisa)


Happy surfing, word-mongering procrastinators!

P.S. The title of this post refers only to me and not Don Miller, Wendell Berry, Yul Brynner, Lauren Winner, Kathy Helmers, Lisa Samson, or any of the editors of explorefaith.com. It may apply to Marc Heinrich, but his hit count is probably well out of slacker range …

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  1. Hey! This Thursday I’m off to Seattle to party with the potheads, and I’ll be returning the day Charlotte is due. As I soar over Colorado on my way back to Texas, I’ll say an extra prayer for the growing Silva family. What a beautiful, exciting time!
    Please post pictures.

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