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And I’m Grateful…


Editing. Again.

And sorry again for how long it takes to edit a book.

Loving is such hard work. I’m reminded again how we always say love is active, not passive.

But now I see that patience may be the most active part.

And how long has it taken me to learn that? And can I become patient enough to receive it?

And thank God for those who’ve been so patient with me….

And thank God for his unending patience, waiting for me to finally see this truth about my gratitude today….

And to speak it.

6 Responses to “And I’m Grateful…”

  1. I appreciate your patience and long suffering on my behalf.

  2. Amen. Peace and joy to you, Mick :-)

  3. suzee says:

    Patience is a virtue. who said that? anyway, it’s what popped into my mind as you are there in Oregon becoming more virtuous.
    Is that your adorable doggie in the argyle sweater!!!??? with his toy? why haven’t you introduced us? i’m notifying the oversight committee. I still love you.

    • Mick says:

      It takes such an investment for God to get through to us and teach us this virtue! But he knows the payoff–and he knows what would happen if he didn’t! When you know Love, there’s really no alternative but to patiently make that investment.

      And no, this is not our dog. I was looking for a visual representation of patience. And Dog is kind of like God… ;)

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