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The Story

Man, I hate politics. The debates are on. I’m watching them. I’m a “concerned citizen.” But ultimately, the entire process just proves that the only thing worse than politics is having to choose a politician. It’s like picking the best cockroach or the least stinky sock to rub on your face.

I understand we all need to choose. I vote. I understand there’s no other way for them than to consider how tall they’re going to look on TV or which tie their opponent is going to be wearing or whatever. But too many people are fickle morons, their moral resolve curbed by a constant diet of the idiot box. That’s a real problem.

And that problem isn’t being addressed tonight. It’s being coddled and catered to.

So I just can’t help myself for wanting to steal the thunder from politickin’ to contrast what IS a big issue: the true Story. The power of the Story has always been undermined by less-than-spectacular writers. But more so in recent years by marketing and the violence of media domination. But the truth is, the Story is reality. It doesn’t beat people over the head or assault their senses with sensationalism or fanfare. It doesn’t spin or twist. It doesn’t waffle.

Infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, encompassing everything. And it is the task of every one of us to invest our efforts and commit to the hard work of forging it out of the surrounding rock. For good or bad, our careers, our beliefs, our friends, relatives, and personal lives are all a part of the Great Story. And the fact is, you have a line to add to the Story. You are assigned the task of carrying truth. That Story is worth dedicating your life to.

And if you’re working, like I am, to become a “qualified carrier” of that Story, of truth, then you know there’s no task more worthy of your life.

Luckily, the Westbow/World short story contest has just published the top ten finalists over at worldviewfiction.worldmagblog.com. There are a few people doing something about this deficit of Story. Be sure to go support them and read the finalists. Let’s all hope they’re as good as we’ve been expecting…

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