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A couple things…

I love the quote on the Christian Realists’ Website: “Piety kills the creative mind.” – Flannery O’Connor Now that’s one to meditate on.

And since I’ve been meaning to include it or a while now, I’ll just post it here in case any of you missed it. The New York Times’ article on Faith-based Publishing.

Gotta run. If you’re wanting to discuss this Christian Writing Revolution, read the article and come back prepared to talk about it tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone.

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  1. sally apokedak says:

    I agree Mary (though I’ve not read PDL so I’m not sure what it’s full of). And I wonder why, if we are having such a revival, we aren’t seeing some radical changes–like a drop in crime rate and a drop in child abuse and a drop in the divorce rate, to name a few. Or maybe these things are dropping and I’ve just missed it. I haven’t seen any statistics on this. But when I watch the news it doesn’t seem like there’s a great revival going on.

  2. Becky says:

    Revival is in the heart, no doubt, but when the heart changes, genuinely changes, there are evidences. I heard Warren on a news show shortly after the election, when the media was scrambling to understand what this moral value stuff was all about. I could tell that he does believe there has been a spiritual stirring, if not an awakening, in America.
    I’d go so far as to say, there is interest. Promise Keepers, The Passion, Prayer of Jabez, Purpose Driven Life, Left Behind–without a doubt these biblically based “events” have had an impact on the culture. Does it mean that hearts are changing or that people just want to hear something new? I think the jury is still out.
    BTW, I read Purpose Driven Life. I would encourage you to finish it. There’s nothing earth-shattering, but I think he has a no-nonsense way of saying, start living what you say you believe, then adds, this is how my church puts belief in the Bible to action.

  3. Mick says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better, relevantgirl. You’ve obviously distilled your thinking from much practice and active seeking. Many are served by it and I thank you.
    Sally makes a good point too: where are these indicators of what Warren suggests other than his own book sales? I think anyone can see that taken as a whole, Jabez, Purpose-Driven, Wild at Heart, and Left Behind, one might be misled to assume God wants us only to be happy and well-entertained. These are surface-skimmers. They’re having positive impact, but the negative is significant as well. CBA is being convinced to keep skimming the surface. There’s no question that’s where the money is. So maybe we should ask how many more surface-skimmers we need before it’s enough.

  4. n.o. body says:

    “Faith-based Publishing.”
    this article is discouraging.

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