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A Selling Networking Marketing Post! (I know!)

I know. I feel the same way about marketing as you do. Even saying the word makes the sunshine in my soul go out just a little bit.

But if it's actually time for you to "increase your network," I think I may have found something that I can actually recommend. And it doesn't involve you being forced to start using such phrases as "increasing your network."

I've been asked several times if I'd write on marketing, networking, advertising, promoting, publicity and selling. I've resisted the subject for so long, hoping it would go away, but like a bad boil (yes, exactly, there isn't any other kind) it keeps popping up.

So being the helpful, considerate person I am, I've decided to lance this subject once and for all by deferring to a great case study which is the best way I know to help people out, pay it forward and still get out of having to actually do something myself.

So, check out Tony Hsieh, author of the New York Times bestseller Delivering Happiness and CEO of Zappos.com, Inc. and his guest review of Peter Guber's new book, Tell to Win.

And you're welcome.

4 Responses to “A Selling Networking Marketing Post! (I know!)”

  1. It really really is, all about story…and always has been!

  2. Jan Cline says:

    You know, Mick, I think many of us are just insecure about our story. The real story of my life, or the stories I have to tell about what I do, seem boring to me. I think maybe we need to trust our imagination and creativity more – especially if it’s birthed from God’s character in us. This book sounds like an eye opener.

  3. Mick says:

    Good point, Jan! I think you’re right. May we all find the courage to share boldly what truly incredible mysteries we’ve lived to experience…

  4. Charise says:

    Don’t publish too soon? Radical. Hey, Mick, can I add your blog to my blog roll “prayers and cocktails”? Hope you’re well. It’s been forever.

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