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If you ever question…


But I know you never question whether your words matter. Whether they’re inspired. And you certainly don’t share the comparison curse! You’re too clever and crafty for that.

But if you do, of course we love you all the more. Because we know how you feel. And when you take that uncertainty and you admit it and share the true source of your hope anyway, regardless of what may appear true, we believe with you.

You know our fight. And you’re winning.

It really can be as simple as that. Who can’t write that truth? And how could that ever be garbage?


6 Responses to “If you ever question…”

  1. Cathy West says:

    The clever and crafty makes me wonder if one may be harkening back to dear old Screwtape. And we know where that went. And we wouldn’t want to partake in such folly again, would we? Ah, but perhaps we would. Comparison? To whom? Austen? Dickens? Sylvia Plath…God forbid… :)
    Nothing is garbage – perhaps – yet some things have more value. What we choose to accept, choose to claim for our own, choose to validate…whether others agree or not…that is what we fight for. Win or lose. The victory is found in releasing the words.

  2. suzee says:

    if you can’t help but to write, then it’s a clue. and i think it means it’s a gift. now it’s time to make the choice. will you or won’t you? god’s not a pushy sort. up to you. if you say yes, it won’t be garbage…ever. that’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it.
    suzee B

  3. Karen Farris says:

    Been struggling with the time it takes to write. Is it worth it? How do you measure worth? By page views on a blog? By comments underneath? Or does our worth come from using words like my grandma used her yarn. Making careful stitches she created something from a single strand– a sweater which kept someone warm. So if I write something and someone is touched, isn’t that the same thing? And isn’t that worth it? I hope it is.

    • admin says:

      It is.

    • micksilva says:

      Karen, when I think of the time spent, I’m not sure either. Mostly, I’m convinced if you aren’t also living, giving, serving, and actively loving others, you shouldn’t be writing. There are so many ways to fill and empty and writing is like praying so why wouldn’t we do it all the time? Capturing words well is a worthy pursuit, like so many other things. We need to stop telling ourselves it isn’t.

    • Karen Farris says:

      Like meditating on God’s Word, or praying, if writing brings me closer to Him, then the time is indeed well spent. I also underline your words about giving, serving and actively loving others, and realize that those activities require putting down my pen (or pushing away from the computer) and connecting directly and not through my writing–also time well spent. Thanks for your thoughts.

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